On Vacation with..Arizona Muse

On Vacation with..Arizona Muse

Arizona Muse, Isn’t the average model, she is a sustainability advocate, International (role) model and fashion activist. She sits on the board of The Sustainable Angle, aiming to minimise the environmental impact of fashion. 

She essentially grew up in the fashion industry and has seen it from many angles. Her successful career as a model has brought her to realise the real need in the industry for a shift towards sustainability. We couldn’t be more proud to see her wearing Oramai, and want to promote her latest campaign a IGTV series on #SustainableSundays where she shares her passion to live a more sustainable life.

Arizona wearing The Ibiza Set Top

6 tips on how to live a slightly more sustainable life:
1. Focus on materials that you bring into the home.
2. Buy second hand furniture.
3. Educate your self.
4. Educate your friends, family and colleagues - share.
5. Read the labels.
6. No one is too small to make a difference.

Clean your house without plastic:
My favourite products (not ad - just passion)
Plastic free water soluble sachets: @iron.and.velvet
Bathroom balm: @mangleandwringer
Plastic free cleaning cloths: maistic.com
Glue: @coccoinaofficial
Laundry detergent: fysiocosmetics.com


Arizona wearing The Ibiza Set, made with 100% GOTS certified Organic Linen and hand stitched in London. 

How to be a sustainable mother:
Bath oil: @bamford
Soap: @bamford
Kids second hand clothes: @familyaffaire
Organic cotton baby grow: @johnlewisandpartners
Organic cotton pieces: @newbielovers
Muslin cloths: @camcam_cph
Vintage baby clothes: @ebay
Nappy cream: @weledauk
Nappies: @ecobynaty
Baby powder: @drhauschkagb

How to shop sustainable for your house with Vintage Furniture
I’m going to take you through my home and show you all my favourite pieces...

Arizona wearing The Ibiza Set available online now. Here

 Discover her #sustainablesundays serie here