Finding What Works... with Naomi Walkland

Finding What Works... with Naomi Walkland

Naomi is the Marketing Director at Bumble and the founder of The Power of Quitting, a panel series that empowers women to find purpose in their careers. We spoke to Naomi about her inspiration, her work, and her best sustainable tips. 

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Congratulations on having had the courage to quit a job that wasn't right for you to land your current one as Marketing Director of Bumble. Who is your everyday inspiration and why? 

My mother. She raised me as a single parent whilst running a global consultancy business and from a young age, she ingrained in me the importance of empowering others - particularly women - and that there is a force behind the collective voices of women who are striving to make real change. That has always stuck with me, and it's something I'm proud to put into practice at Bumble, whose mission is focused on empowering women to make the first move. 

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What has been challenging so far? 

I’ve always found it tricky to find the right balance between work and free time and I found lockdown blurred the lines even more. Over the past year, I've found it challenging to make sure I'm prioritising my well-being as well as focussing on work. When everything is being done from the same space, it’s easy for the day to roll on without you realising you haven’t stepped outside for a walk.

To differentiate between my working day and evening, I have made a conscious effort to finish work at the same time each day and take my puppy Rocky for a walk with my husband. I’m also a big reader and make sure that I read at least a few pages each night to help switch off. It’s these simple things that relax me and give me clarity, meaning I can be my best self in and out of work.


Which is your favourite Oramai piece and why? 

The Portofino Black Playsuit - I love playsuits. I love the cut and simplistic style. It will be a perfect item to wear as it starts getting warmer.

What is your go-to everyday outfit? 

We’re still working from home, so right now, it’s a pair of Lululemon leggings and a cosy knit jumper.


What are your five tips on how to lead a more sustainable everyday life? 

1. You don’t have to purchase everything! For clothes you may only wear once, renting is a great alternative to purchasing. I use By Rotation and love their ethos of renting what you need and lending what you don’t - I’ve currently got my dress listed to rent on the platform! Using apps like this and being part of the circular economy show you can easily make sustainable choices without compromising on quality.

2. Local is best - Wherever possible, I try to purchase products that are locally sourced. From skincare to delicious fruit and vegetables, it’s amazing what you can find in your local area once you start looking

3. Recycle and reuse - It’s so easy to recycle products now and I always try and purchase products that use recyclable materials. I’ve also started purchasing refillable products more to reduce waste

4. A little goes a long way - Every sustainable choice you make has an impact, however small.

5. Keep learning! I’m definitely on my journey to become more sustainable, we can all always do better when it comes to making environmentally friendly decisions and purchases. I find that reading more about sustainability and our impact on the environment inspires me to make better choices.


You can follow Naomi @naomiwalkland