Behind the tunes with..Malin Linnea

We shoot our favourite DJ Malin Linnéa on the streets of London and asked her about her advise towards a more sustainable lifestyle.  

Malin Linnéa wearing the Amalfi Short Dress in black.

What inspired you to the world of music?

I was always super into music since I was a child. At the age of 8 I was obsessed with Michael Jackson and had all his albums. Still to this day I think Quincy Jones is one of the best producers that ever existed. I got into DJ-ing after visiting Ibiza for the first time 2007 after I had been studying an exchange semester in Madrid. That led me to take a DJ course back in Stockholm when I was still studying finance and then I actually started doing opening sets in clubs when I moved to London 2010.

How are you staying connected with all your fans at a time like this?

I’m using my time mainly to produce music so I´ve actually been quite a lot offline. I haven’t really been to keen on the live streams as I think virtual doesn’t compare to real life but I might do one in a few weeks from a rooftop here in Stockholm together with some local DJs. 

What does sustainability mean to you?

Being mindful of the way we consume and the way we live our lives. There are many small changes which are easy to make!


Malin Linnéa wearing the Amalfi Short Dress in black.

Have you always been a conscious consumer or was there a particular moment that made you think about the way you shop?

My best friend started an eco-friendly water bottle company right before the whole sustainability movement so I learned quite a lot about it then. But I have always been caring for the environment and the animals since as long as I can remember.

What choices do you make in your everyday life that you feel inspire the notion of 'ethical consumption’?

I try to support local brands and avoid plastic as much as I can. If I grabb a coffee I always try to do it from a local coffeeshop (and in my own take-away cup or drink it there) rather than supporting big international chains. 

Your go-to sustainable fashion brands?

Oramai with their organic focused collection and Sophie Lis, with their ethical sourced jewellery. 

Malin Linnéa wearing the Amalfi Short Dress in Black.

What do you wish you could be doing more of in the sustainability space?

Blondish has been pushing her Bye Bye Plastic campaign and created a rider for DJs to demand plastic free DJ booths. This is a great initiative and I have seen that most places I play at these days don’t use disposable plastic anymore. I think the event industry is doing a good job switching to be conscious but of course we all need to make sure we continue this journey.

And finally, you'r top tip for others to shop more responsibly?

Buying fewer investment pieces from sustainable brands rather than buying fast fashion.

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