Saheli Hand Embroidered Plant A Tree T-Shirt


Made from our Nomade Linen T-Shirt made from 100% GOTS Organic Linen this #PlantATree T-Shirt is hand-embroidered by our Saheli Women Project during lockdown in India. 

We have partnered up with @treeapp_uk to plan 1 tree / t-shirt sold. Read more about our mission here


  • Lightweight, non-stretchy fabric
  • Onesize S/M = UK 8-10


Natural Fibres
Natural fibres such as linen are better for the environment as they biodegrade quicker than synthetics and go back to the earth without emitting harmful chemicals. 

Traces from Field to Final
We have traced this product back to the raw materials and know it is environmentally and socially responsible from its very seed or birth. The Flax is grown organically in Belgium and made into linen in a Carbon Neutral Factory within 1km from its growth place. See its journey here.

Responsible Use of Water
Linen does needs very little irrigation during growth and uses much less water than cotton. This garment was produced in Europe and has not polluted any water during its production. 

Organic fabrics are less harmful to the environment and the people that produce it, not to mention, you too. 

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