How to Create A Sustainable Wardrobe


We are excited to sell Isabella Papaz first book. In 2017 she launched Oramai followed by the opening of The Sustainable Pop Up. She has just quit her work at British Vogue, where she has been on the creative team for two years, as she wants to work on Oramai and to focus her time on educating people about sustainable fashion, starting with this book.

I started my career working in fashion – at various luxury brands and at famous publications but I soon came to realise how unsustainable the fashion world was. We were flying dresses around the globe for events, borrowing dozens of shoes only to use one pair at a photoshoot, destroying designer pieces that weren’t sold and, on top of all, inspiring people to change styles often and, in doing so, promoting ever - growing unsustainable consumption. We tend to respond better when we are inspired to than when we’re being preached to. We all want to eat healthier, but our food still needs to be delicious. We all want to wear mindful fashion, but it still has to be beautiful. I created this book in hope to inspire you to make more conscious choices when shopping. I don’t want to dissuade you from shopping, I want you to open your eyes, understand that fashion can be something amazing and together we can bring it from being the global second most polluting industry (after the oil and gas sector), to a more mindful and conscious one. So that in the future, when you buy something, you can expect it to be made in the most environmentally aware way possible. That kind of transparency should be the future. The fashion community can drive the movement – we can create trends, together.

I hope you like this read and that it will inspire you.