Oramai is italian and translates to 'by now'

We believe that ‘by now’ consumers should not only expect their clothing to be created with the highest quality of craftsmanship, but in the most environmentally ethical way.



Products and packaging are organic and responsibly produced



Linen requires no irrigation, can thrive on rain water, is not created using genetically modified elements (GMO’s), and creates little to no waste as the entire biodegradable plant can be used. As a fully traceable fabric that is GOTS certified organic linen, it became the obvious choice for us.


Inspired by nature our mission is to reinvent and innovate linen, establishing it as the everyday essential to the modern home.

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Magazine talks...with Sarah Tomczak

Magazine talks...with Sarah Tomczak

We are talking about seeking joy with your life choices with Sarah Tomczak editor of Red Magazine.  As Editor of Red Magazine, what is the most important style/conscious/fashion/life advise you'd like to communicate to your readers?  For me, the most important thing in life is seeking joy – it can come in your relationships, your career, the clothes you wear and the way you live your life. It...

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Arabic culture with...Nadine Kanso

Arabic culture with...Nadine Kanso

We asked Nadine Kanso about her passion for Arabic culture and what inspires her. You’ve accumulated an impressive following online as a cultural entrepreneur what initially inspired you to create your cultural-focused account? I had started my Bil Arabi brand over 16 years ago and it had its statement was to promote our culture and language and thats why few of my friends started calling...

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