Quiet luxury, made organically. 

Founded by Isabella Broden, Oramai is a women's led brand based in London. We think linen is the most sustainable material. Why? It is made from flax and there is no waste in production as you use the whole plant for the fabric. It needs little irrigation (rainwater is sufficient for its growth) and our GOTS certified linen uses no pesticides. This makes it hypoallergenic as 100% natural and therefore also fully biodegradable.

Did you also know it is the world’s oldest fabric? We think that lately linen has been unappreciated and replaced by cotton that comes with a high environmental footprint by using huge amounts of water and pesticides. We have therefore chosen linen as our signature fabric to make it a natural alternative in every conscious wardrobe.

Oramai means ‘by now’ in Italian, we believe that ‘by now’ consumers should not only expect their clothing to be created with the highest quality of craftsmanship, but in the most environmentally ethical way too. 


Our organic farmers are not only GOTS certified and have been growing flax for centuries, but our linen is also refined and created in a carbon neutral factory located within a 1km radius from the origin of the flax plant.


Our business is entirely female-owned and led. We pay all our employees and interns at least the London Living Wage and are proud to have always done so.  

The designs are designed and created in a London studio and the production produced in a family run factory in Portugal. 


Like our designs, our packaging is designed to be sustainable as well. We do not provide boxes even thought they appear nice, they are waste of trees and weight in shipping. We pack our garments in 100% recycled paper that goes inside a home compostable, fully biodegradable mailing satchel made from plants. 


We believe in collaboration and we met with our charity partner Saheli Women a sustainable clothing and ethical fashion enterprise in rural Rajasthan, India some years ago and do some capsule hand embroidered collections togehter. 

Located in the village of Bhikamkor, in a studio that works also like a school in the afternoon for their kids. Saheli Women employs 28 women, providing them with fair wages, health insurance coverage, and a safe work environment free from gender, religious and caste discrimination.