Welcome to Oramai, a Ready-to-Wear brand known for its genuine use of European organic linens, while reflecting a sense of relaxed and timeless elegance. 

Oramai is Italian and translates to ‘by now’, we believe that ‘by now’ consumers should not only expect their clothing to be created with the highest quality of craftsmanship, but in the most environmentally friendly way.

Founded in 2017 by Isabella Papaz, who after a decade working in the luxury fashion industry (most recently British Vogue), realised that a regenerative revolution was urgently needed. After visiting Premiere Vision, the go to fabric show for the fashion world, she came in contact with organic flax farmers that inspired her to make her collection with organic linen.

Why? Linen is made from flax and there is no waste in production as you use the whole plant for the fabric. It needs little irrigation - rainwater is sufficient for its growth and our GOTS certified linen uses no pesticides. This makes it hypoallergenic as 100% natural and therefore also fully biodegradable. Did you also know it is the world’s oldest fabric? We think that lately linen has been unappreciated and replaced by cotton that comes with a high environmental footprint by using huge amounts of water and pesticides. 

Like our designs, our packaging is designed to be sustainable as well. We do not provide boxes even though they appear nice, they are a waste of trees and weight in shipping. We pack our garments in 100% recycled tissue paper that goes inside a home compostable, fully biodegradable mailing satchel made from plants. 

We are proud to partner up with Saheli Women and do a special hand embroidered collection with them. They are a non-profit social enterprise, with the aim to financially empower the ladies of Bhikamkor village in rural Rajasthan through creating ethical and sustainable fashion. 

We are committed to fostering mindful fashion habits, Isabella Papaz’s latest book How To Create A Sustainable Wardrobe, is out now and every now and then The Sustainable Pop Up, her curated pop up that promotes Oramai and other mindful fashion brands, pop’s up globally. 

"I want Oramai to be a little world, focusing on organic materials and curations, and be able to add pieces that can come back in different variations,” Isabella states. “It would be something that is small and personal and uncommunicated, and gets passed on from customer to customer, creating a little community of people who appreciate the same values and have the same relationship with clothes and the environment.”

“The goal is not to grow huge, but to have a small business that can sustain itself and grow slowly, organically and on my own terms. Something that feels personal, manageable, focusing on nurturing the soil and the relationship with my existing loyal customer base and gradually expanding it.”

With small collections, unveiled outside the fashion calendar and sold directly to consumers, and growing from a handful of directional boutiques - with an early endorsement from sustainable focused resorts such as Six Senses in Ibiza and Soneva in the Maldives, the brand has gained a dedicated following around the globe. We are not a seasonal fashion label: the attention to details that goes into making these pisces means that they transcend times of year. These are timeless, organic and well made, beautiful clothes that will last a lifetime, we hope you will treasure them as much as we do making them.