Did you know linen is the world's oldest fabric?  

Linen is a fabric that has been used for thousands of years. In fact it is one of the world's oldest fabrics and was used in ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, and ancient Greece. It has remained a favoured fabric throughout millennia because of its versatility, durability, and strength.

Lately we felt linen became a little forgotten and overtaken by cotton, which isn't very good for the environment as it requires many pesticides and a lot of water to grow. Comparison to linen, that needs:

No irrigation: Rain water is sufficient 
No GMO's: for this eco-friendly crop 
No waste: The entire biodegradable plant can be used



Many argue that linen lights the path towards sustainable fashion, grown in harmony with nature while drawing on centuries of tradition. Searching for the most sustainable long lasting fabric out there, linen became the obvious choice for Oramai. Where we want to innovate linen, make it an everyday fabric in your modern wardrobe. 

It is our mission to work with local European flax farmers, spinners and finishers to create the highest possible added value with the smallest possible ecological footprint. In Belgium they have been growing flax since the medieval times and after meeting organic farmers that wanted to go back farming the way their grandparents did. See our video about our farmers here. The choice to collaborate with them came naturally to us.

Great quality linen is the perfect material for warm climates, due to its softness and breathability, and it is also one of the most resistant cloths.

The environmental impact of spinning and weaving flax is virtually zero. All parts of the plant is used without the use of any chemicals with zero harmful waste or by-products. Linen is a fully traceable fabric that’s 100% biodegradable and recyclable.



Due to its unique properties, linen can be quite stiff to the touch at the beginning, and therefore discerning its quality before a few washes and wears can be difficult. However it will not take long to see the difference. Good quality linen will become softer and silkier over time, while low quality linen will retain its rigid and rough texture and will lose its shape.

Did you also know? Our Linen is hypoallergenic as its a 100% natural product? 

Care instructions are easy, where linen can be washed in water by hand or machine, dry-cleaned and steamed. Even at higher temperatures (see our care instructions)