Oramai now on The Wearness

Oramai now on The Wearness


We are excited to be launching Oramai in Germany on The Wearness, and sharing below our interview about Linen is Luxury with our founder and Creative Director Isabella Broden.



Linen as a sustainable solution. Oramai London designs luxurious linen fashion - absolute favourites for holidays and also for the office. The certified linen comes from the traditional flax region in Belgium, where the raw material is cultivated, harvested and woven in an environmentally friendly way.

An internship at L'Officiel magazine in Paris was Isabella Broden's ticket, although rather unexpectedly, to a dazzling world with benefits she quickly recognised: Interesting people, exciting parties and regular sample sales were part of her everyday life. But after ten years in the industry and stops at Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and several fashion labels, she became aware of the amount of waste that is still considered normal in the industry. Brand new clothes burned just because they're not sold? Isabella could not reconcile this with her values.

Isabella Founder of Oramai

Isabella Broden, the founder of Oramai London


"I started doing some research and learned that fashion is the second biggest polluter in the world after the oil industry. A personal journey took place; I analyzed my everyday life and realized how unsustainable I lived - and questioned my everyday choices," Isabella says in an interview.


When she was invited to a wedding, she wanted to make her own dress. She discovered linen, one of the most environmentally friendly materials with low water consumption and pesticide use, which she got from organic farmers in Belgium. This design project developed into a vision of her own fashion label. Isabellea Oramai founded London in 2018.

Oramai is Italian for "now already" and stands for the brand's conviction that the fashion industry should "now already" offer the highest quality and craftsmanship, produced in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way. In keeping with this philosophy, the label sources the GOTS-certified linen for its production from the traditional flax region in Belgium, where the raw material is cultivated, harvested and woven in an environmentally friendly way. The entire plant is processed so that no waste is produced. The factory where it is produced is equipped with solar panels and produces Co2-neutral.

Oramai Workshop

Oramai London Manufacturer

During the making of Oramai London

The finished linen is sent to North London, where Isabella's designs are handmade by a small team. The inspirations for this often come from traveling, the collections are named after cities. And indeed, many of the pieces make you want to go on holiday: strapless flounce tops, playful blouses with Carmen necklines or light summer dresses. But Oramai London also offers business-suited looks like blouse dresses and trouser suits. We have never seen linen so timeless and elegant!

 Now the collection is available here