Empowering natural materials

Isabella wearing The Boyfriend Shirt and Trousers.

Locally made
Responsibly sourced 

After a decade working for the likes of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar as well as prominent luxury brands like Graff Diamonds and Ralph & Russo, Oramai started as a personal voyage against the misuse of resources in the fashion industry. I was struck by a simple question that stuck: “How can my personal values be aligned to those of the fashion industry?”. This thought eventually took shape and gave birth to Oramai.

Oramai, Italian for “by now”, is a sustainable luxury label that brings a timeless and clean aesthetic to the modern woman’s wardrobe. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we represent and at Oramai, we believe that “by now”, consumers should expect the highest quality of craftsmanship to be produced in the most environmentally ethical way. 

In the search for sustainable materials, I discovered that organic linen is pesticide free and produced by protecting the farmers, factory workers and ultimately the end consumer. I am proud to be associated with organic farmers and spinners, all of whom contribute significantly to preserving the heritage and legacy of authentic Belgian linen.

 My designs are inspired from nature and nostalgia, with the vision of reinventing and innovating linen, and making it an everyday essential in the modern woman’s wardrobe. My commitment is to make everlasting collections without compromising on ethics and values, taking into account where the linen is sourced from, how it is produced and who is involved in the process: 
Luxury with a Conscience or in other words; Sustainable Luxury. 

Isabella Broden
Founder & Creative Director