At Oramai, we believe in championing local and environmentally friendly production.


By producing all items in small quantities and at our London studio and a small family run factory in Portugal, we ensure that our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum and that no leftover items go to waste. We believe in creating to demand, and not beyond.

During the production process, we are also careful to ensure that there is no presence of plastic within the garment or during the creation of the garment. All materials used are natural and from sources like sustainably sourced wood, bamboo or nut shells, also known as Corozo – the latter of which we use for our buttons!

As part of this commitment, we at Oramai are proud to be associated with Fashion Revolution’s #WhoMadeMyClothes campaign, which takes into consideration where raw materials are sourced from and who is involved in the production process.

Once the production process is complete, our mission to provide sustainable luxury fashion with a conscience doesn’t stop there! We recognise that packaging designs in the most environmentally friendly way is equally as paramount to the entire production process, so we collaborate with The Better Packaging Co. to ensure that our products are packaged sustainably using raw materials that are biodegradable and will reduce the impact on our environment.