We are inspired by nature, creating carefully design products that praise any silhouette and can be worn across generations. We take into consideration where materials come from and who is making them and we don’t compromise on our ethics and key values. Oramai is creating luxury with a conscience or in other words; we are sustainable luxury.


Oramai reflects a slower pace and process, where craftsmanship is more important than trend and collections will drop throughout the season rather than following the traditional fashion calendar.

Our designs are practical yet adding elegance to everyday life, making the modern women feel powerful. We are making linen an everyday essential in the modern wardrobe.

The design process starts in Isabella’s studio in London or on a travel location where she is inspired by history, art, design, music and lifestyle. Initial sketches are made, and together with feedback from our core clients, silhouettes and colour combinations are presented and finalized into patterns. 

The patterns then turn into samples. Testing both shapes and materials. Isabella works closely with her London production to ensure perfect fit and quality is achieved, focusing on a fully sustainable approach, working with organic materials and local craftsmanship. 



Our Linen

The Oramai collection is made of organic linen, which goes one step further from traditional linen production (LINK to the production page) and represents the ultimate ecological and sustainable production.

For flax cultivation and processing our supplier has worked with a group of growers from the Seine-et-Marne area of France, who have been cultivating organic flax and other organic crops for about a decade. 

Oramai’s collection is produced with GOTS certified linen, a standard that is recognized worldwide for organic fiber. It assures that only the most ecological and socially responsible methods have been used throughout the production process, from raw material to finished fabric.

Our Buttons

Corozo is a 100% natural product which is similar in consistency to a hard resin. Also known as tagua, it is often referred to as "vegetable ivory." Corozo is well known for its elegant natural grain; a unique pattern that, much like a fingerprint, ensures no two buttons are exactly alike.


The production origin is a local studio in north London, easily accessible on the London piccadilly tube line. By producing locally we ensure that CO2 are kept to a minimum. We are a part of Fashion Revolution and work together towards radically changing the way our clothes are sourced, produced and consumed, so that our clothing is made in a safe, clean and fair way. We focus on local production and craftsmanship for a sustainable future.