Sustainability with...Louise Roe

Sustainability with...Louise Roe

We sat down with our gorgeous muse, Louise Roe to talk sustainability and her resent move back to England.

Louise Wearing the Ibiza Set

What made you inspired to start your blog? 

I was filming a makeover show and getting a lot of messages on social media, about fashion tips, confidence tips- even dating and careers. I started my career writing for magazines, so I thought- why not launch a version of that for myself, and be able to answer all those questions in one place?  

What is your go to everyday outfit? 

Very simple: a good fitting pair of jeans, Sezane tee, loafers, and a blazer or cashmere sweater. I am more about quality rather than quantity now, when it comes to my closet!  

What is your tip for a more sustainable lifestyle? 

Every little bit counts. Sometimes we don’t bother with small changes because they don’t seem worth it, but it’s a start, and if everyone follows suit, then we can make much bigger changes. 


Louise Wearing the Ibiza Set

What is your must have beauty product and why? 

I love Aurelia CBD serum.  

Moving back to the English Countryside from LA, what is your favourite thing about the countryside? 

It is a total change! The fresh air, the views of rolling hills, the country pubs, and discovering adorable sleepy villages as we drive around.


Louise Wearing the Ibiza Set

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