Sustainable Flowers...with Rosebie Morton

Sustainable Flowers...with Rosebie Morton

We met Rosebie Morton, founder of the Real Flower Company that has a vision to grow and sell flowers with sustainability in mind. 

Rosebie wearing the Lamu Jumpsuit and one of her beautiful flower creations. 

You founded The Real Flower Company in 1999 with a vision to grow and sell beautiful scented flowers, whilst placing provenance, sustainability, and good business ethics into your company focus, what was your biggest challenge then and why? 

Getting to a size for people to take us seriously. Also we were pioneers so had to find everything out for ourselves, sometimes getting it right and sometimes not. 

What is your favourite English flower? 

The Margaret Merril rose for her magical beauty and exquisite scent. This rose inspired me to set up the company.

Who is your style inspiration and why? 

Audrey Hepburn. She had a timeless elegance and infinite grace. Sadly I am nothing like her but I can dream!  Having been awarded the ‘Clumsy’ prize at school I think I’ve got a bit of catching up to do.

The family farm in Hinton Ampner, Hampshire, is where you grow the flowers? What is your top tip for any amateaur home gardener to start their own garden? 

Feed your soil annually with good mulch!

Which is your Oramai favourite product and why?

The Lamu jumpsuit. You can wear it anywhere and everywhere and it is inspired by Lamu which is my favourite place.

Follow her journey on @therealflowerco