Arabic culture with...Nadine Kanso

Arabic culture with...Nadine Kanso

We asked Nadine Kanso about her passion for Arabic culture and what inspires her.

You’ve accumulated an impressive following online as a cultural entrepreneur what initially inspired you to create your cultural-focused account?

I had started my Bil Arabi brand over 16 years ago and it had its statement was to promote our culture and language and thats why few of my friends started calling me a cultural entrepreneur . It is a mission of pride of who we are as Arabs and our beautiful culture.

Which items are staples in your wardrobe and why?

Staples items are pair of cool jeans, white shirt and navy blazer, its a go to outfit for a casual day and travel look.

A jumpsuit is also an item i love as i can dress it up or down and it would always be different.

I see you like champagne,  what is your favourite champagne and why? 

Ruinart blanc to de blanc it is. It's a very subtle one and no headaches there.

As the Creative Director of Bil Arabi, who is your muse and what inspires you for the designs? 

Women with dedication and women with the sense of what is right and just are my muses. I am inspired by meaning and color. Words that embody love and have a story i can tell.

What are your five tips to live a more sustainable lifestyle? 

I have always tried to be sustainable, before it becomes a topic ! i would not give you 5 tips but i think One has to be considerate of how we spend our money and on what and if we do... we make sure to make the best out of it for years to come.

Which is your favourite Oramai piece and why? 

The Amalfi is the favorite, I love how light the fabric is and its a dress that I can wear all day and look chic, so whats not to like there!


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