Considered Fashion...With Maria Larkin

Considered Fashion...With Maria Larkin

We sat down and spoke considered fashion with Maria Larkin

Maria Is wearing the Amalfi Dress Long in Hibiscus

What does considered fashion mean to you?

It means stopping to think before buying and considering what you already have and the wardrobe gaps you're looking to fill. I’d advise editing your wardrobe at a minimum on a seasonal basis so you can consciously look for pieces to fill gaps rather than following trends or buying quick fast fashion fixes. It’s also about considering sustainable choices and buying pieces preloved or those made using sustainable materials. I love following Instagram accounts with beautifully curated preloved collections and shopping at boutiques or with smaller brands, the pieces tend to be better quality, are often more sustainably made and the production runs are smaller so there’s less wastage. I also think if you buy good quality, timeless, classic pieces that you’ll wear year after year then you can’t go wrong.

What prompted you to start your style blog?

I've loved fashion since I was little and used to go to my aunts shop which was a treasure trove of pieces sourced from India but I decided to pursue a career in TV. About 5 years ago I changed job from being a post producer to working more behind the scenes and I really missed the creativity of my previous role. I realised I could merge my love of fashion with my passion for photography and film by creating my Instagram account and sharing my finds and stying tips to hopefully inspire others that fashion over 40 doesn’t have to be dull and also share wonderful small brands and boutiques.

Who inspires you?

Strong women who know what they want and follow their dreams regardless of the adversities life throws in their way. Right now Emma Raducanu is so inspirational, especially to young people, I’m really excited to watch her career unfold. I also find Michelle Obama hugely inspirational and loved reading her autobiography.

What are your top tips on how to lead a more sustainable everyday life?

To make small, reasonable changes that you can maintain. This year I’ve actively started buying more preloved clothing - I love the thrill of finding pieces that I’ve coveted and couldn’t afford new and now have Rixo and Ganni pieces hanging in my wardrobe. We’re also exploring changing to an electric car in the next couple of years. Calculating your carbon footprint is a great way to understand the changes that can make the biggest impact, small changes like recycling, switching to reusable drinks bottles/cups, avoiding plastic packaging and reducing red meat consumption (I haven’t eaten red meat since in 27 years!) all makes a difference.

Which is your favourite Oramai piece and why?

I absolutely love the Amalfi Long dress - it’s a timeless classic piece with beautiful detailing and the drawstring waist allows you to wear it cinched in or as a relaxed fit. Plus it has the most beautifully swishy skirt. It’s a piece that I’ll wear year after year dressed up or down.

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