Behind The Wellbeing Book..With Danielle Copperman

Behind The Wellbeing Book..With Danielle Copperman

Danielle is a model, cook, founder of conscious food brand Qnola and author of ‘The Wellbeing Book’; a guide to recipes and rituals to realign the body and mind. We had the pleasure of talking to her about what inspires her and how we can eat more consciously. 


Who is your wellbeing muse? 

So many people come to mind who I look up to and I don't think there is one person who encompasses everything I have learnt, everything I embody and stand for and everything I believe in and apply to my daily life. For me it is about variety and I really emphasise the importance of trying lots of different things, finding what works for you, and cherry picking things from various people and sources. In food I love The First Mess, in wellbeing I love learning about the science things and am obsessed with Caroline Myss. For mindfulness and self, I love Tony Robbins, Byron Katie, Jack Canfield and Chopra. I'm not sure if they're muses or more inspirational mentors!


What is your go to moment for yourself in your daily life?

Probably the mornings. I like to create a strong ritual to start the day well.

What was your main purpose for launching Qnola? 

To create something nourishing and energising for breakfast that was easy and quick to prepare, and didn't leave me feeling sluggish or bloated.

What is your favourite way to enjoy your granola at the moment? 

Right now we're making chia seed pudding and using Qnola as a topping. I also love making cashew cream, stewed berries and adding Qnola. And in the summer we has Acai bowls every week which are my favourite way to enjoy Qnola. We've also just launched two new flavours so I'm often just snacking on them straight from the packet.


Please let us know your top 5 clean eating restaurants in London?  

  • The Good Life eatery
  • Glow Bar
  • Juice Baby
  • Farmacy
  • Wholefoods

Please share with us your top tips to embrace conscious eating in our daily life?

It's simple for me, just whole, fresh produce cooked many ways. I love autumn for this as you can combine so many amazing seasonal items in such nourishing ways. I'd say eating consciously is about many things - and its not just what you eat but how you eat. Take time, make things slowly when you can, slow down and breathe deep before eating, chew thoroughly, focus on food away from screens or other distractions, and choose natural ingredients that are functional and beneficial in the body. But also have an open relationship with food. Don't make rules or restrict yourselves - i was the most out of shape ive ever been when i did that. Practice a good relationship with food. Enjoy it, eat less healthy things when you feel like it (I see nothing wrong with indulgent meals and treats when they're handmade with quality ingredients). And have the wine too.

What is the easiest you can recommend for us to incorporate wellbeing into our daily routines? 

Self inquiry. For me, taking time regularly to check in with yourself and communicate with yourself is key for success, happiness and fulfilment. Deep dive and start trying to understand your emotions, your goals and your blocks. We all want to live a happy life and achieve our dreams, but it requires constant checking in, understanding our energy and moods, being compassionate, increasing our self worth and taking realistic steps forward. This doesn't sound easy but journaling every day for even 2-5 minutes can help develop this practice. Other than that, drink plenty of water, move daily even if its just a gentle morning stretch or a short stroll, and laugh. Connect often with loved ones, dance and express, and do things you enjoy.

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