Slow Fashion... with Erna Leon Stokes

Slow Fashion... with Erna Leon Stokes

Erna is the founder of Mercer7, an online womenswear fashion platform that prioritises timeless and sustainable style. We spoke to her about her favourite styling tips and what makes the modern woman. 

Who inspires you?  

So many other fellow creators inspire me daily. I also love following my photographer friends and seeing their street style shots. 



What are your go to styling tips? 

Invest in basics and styles that work for your body shape. Good basics are the foundation of your wardrobe; they can make any outfit feel and look more effortless. Balancing proportions is another one: if you're wearing an oversized top, for example, then keep your bottom half fitted; and vice-versa. And of course, keep it simple: less it more. 

What is your favourite Oramai piece and why? 

The boyfriend shirt, simply because it's such a classic shape and style.  

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What does the modern woman mean to you? Who is she?  

I think that the modern woman is multi-faceted. She is hard-working, confident, and effortless when it comes to style.



What are your tips on how to live a more sustainable everyday life? 

Quality over quantity. 

You can follow Erna on @mercer7official.