Sustainable Style Hacks... with Caroline Cook

Sustainable Style Hacks... with Caroline Cook

Fashion blog Caroline's Style Hacks makes Considered Fashion accessible to thousands of followers, helping them navigate the growing industry of Sustainable Fashion. We caught up with Caroline to get a few styling hacks ourselves... 

Caroline's Style Hacks has become a hugely popular blog - what first inspired you to start it? 

I started the blog back in 2018 after friends and family encouraged me to share my styling tips and ideas. I'd worked in retail years before and I missed the industry too. 

What’s your best bit of styling advice?

Always wear the size that looks best on you - don’t always go by the label. No one knows if you’ve had to size up. Clothes that are too tight never look good.
I am also obsessed with proportions, mainly to balance our body shapes because an outfit looks better if it’s balanced. 

How do you think the fashion industry can change to adapt to a more sustainable world?

Core collections and repeating lines year after year that are popular with customers, with a focus on pieces that can transcend seasons. Using sustainable or recycled fabrics is also key. 

It’s been a strange year. In the midst of lockdowns and restrictions, how have you looked after your own wellbeing?

During the past year I've really tried to keep some sort of routine. Exercising most days has been so helpful for both my mental and physical health. 

Which is your favourite Oramai piece and why?

The White Ibiza Set is a beautiful combination that I would wear year after year; the little red details make the set pop, without being too trend-led. 

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What are your top tips on how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle? 

Buy less and buy well. Take your time with purchases and ask yourself, do you really need that must have item? Will you get 30+ wears out of it? Consider buying pre loved; support brands with transparent manufacturing practices as well as using sustainable locally sourced fabrics.
I’ve also started using reusable make up remover pads and sanitary towels. We can’t all become perfectly sustainable overnight, but I truly believe any small changes will help out planet. 


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