Styling Stories... with Pia Grace

Styling Stories... with Pia Grace

Fashion blogger, model, and advocate for midlife confidence, Pia Grace, has amassed thousands of followers on her online platforms. We were delighted to talk to her about life as an influencer, her love of fashion, and, of course, her top sustainable tips. 


You've accumulated an impressive following online - what initially inspired you to create your fashion-focused account? 

I started my Instagram after I’d given up working in Retail Fashion. I missed putting outfits together for customers and also missed the merchandising I used to do in the Store. Creating daily Flatlays is how I started and that was exactly what I’d been doing work wise ! It went from there and progressed to my chatty outfit Stories, which I really feel are my USP ... I can chat about clothes and outfits for hours! Instagram is so great for inspiration whatever your interests are, whether it’s interiors, fashion, garden ideas, cooking ... there really is something for everyone. 

Which items are staples in your wardrobe and why? 

I couldn't be without a good crisp white cotton slightly oversized shirt (so many ways to style). A pair of really great fitting Jeans and a Cashmere knit. You can always pull an outfit together when you’ve got good classic pieces in your wardrobe. 

How do you ensure that your love for fashion doesn't compromise on sustainability? 

Buy well and buy less is my motto. A good piece of pure wool or cashmere knitwear will last you years compared to cheaper manmade fabric knits that loose their shape. Looking after your clothes means they stand the test of time. And back to classics again, don’t get caught up with fast fashion, find your style and choose classic items. 

It's been a strange year. In the midst of lockdowns and restrictions, how have you looked after your own wellbeing? 

During the last year, daily walks and yoga have been my saviours. I practise Yoga every single day (just a short practice, little and often makes all the difference) and I have to get out for a walk everyday. Being outside always clears my head and calms me if I’m feeling stressed. Never underestimate the power of the great outdoors!

What are your top tips on how to lead a more sustainable everyday life? 

Sustainability is so  important for us all to strive towards. If we all make small changes then big changes will happen.
I’m cutting down on single use plastics, avoiding pre-packed fruit and veg, and generally being more aware of how I can make any sort of change that will benefit our planet. It’s almost going back to how our grandparents lived: proper bars of soap instead of liquid soap in plastic bottles, using paper or reusable cloth bags instead of plastic - I’ve used net shopping bags for years and years, I even have one my Aunt crocheted which is 45 years old! 

Which is your favourite Oramai piece and why? 

The Oramai collection really appeals to me, I love the durability of linen and there are some fabulous timeless pieces in the collection. The Boyfriend shirt is an absolute classic and the Amalfi Dress is something you’ll wear at home or on holiday, for everyday or for a fabulous occasion. Exactly as versatile as our clothing should be.

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