Globe-Trotting in Style... with Dominique Lunetta

Globe-Trotting in Style... with Dominique Lunetta

Like so many of us, Dominique appreciates the joy that comes with experiencing new places and the comfort that comes with returning to your favourite destinations. We chatted to her about the inspiration she finds in her travels, her role as a mother, and her top sustainable tips. 

 Dominique styles our Amalfi Short Dress in White. 

You've travelled all over the world - which is your favourite travel destination? 

So many! I believe we are the equation of the people we meet and the places we discover and enjoy.
I spent an unforgettable two years in India, so it has a special place in my heart -
such a different culture and aesthetic: plenty of colours, perfumes, and harmony within chaos. 

How have your travels influenced your style? 

 I am definitely inspired by all my travels, not only for fashion but also for home décor and art. I'm always looking for new peculiar stores, galleries or a Flea market where I could easily spend a whole day. I love clothes that have stories behind them.
I am maybe a bit a Boho chic, 70’s Dreamer lady.


Which item from your wardrobe do you take with you wherever you go? 

I have several must-haves in my daily beauty routine, like my Tom Ford perfume, but to be ginger and fair-skinned means I always need a good sunscreen, my timeless Borsalino hat and a large, glam pair of sunglasses.

During Summer, I love beautiful fabrics and my revisited Kimonos, and
in Winter I am addicted to coats that I have collected over the years.
And of course my organic Oramai dress for this summer ça va sans dire!


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You're also a proud mum, do you have any advice for women just starting their own motherhood journey? 

 I am a proud and blessed mother, but is there a recipe to be a perfect mum? Just be yourself: unconditional love as only a mum can give and trying to spend cheerful quality time together, and listening without judging is a good start.


Which is your favourite Oramai piece and why? 

I love my Amalfi Dress: it's timeless, and a wonderful invitation to Summer! I’ve been working in the Luxury Fashion Industry for a long time and it's great to see that we're finally all more concerned about our environment and aware about sustainability. 

What are your top tips on how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle? 

I walk as much as I can every day; I avoid massive plastic packaging, and I prefer to shop at my local friendly grocery store. 
I always mix & match with my wardrobe of vintage pieces as well. 


You can follow Dominique @dominique_madame