Behind the Music... with Malin Linnéa

Behind the Music... with Malin Linnéa

Stockholm-born DJ, producer, and music curator, Malin Linnéa, has taken her music all over the world. We caught up with her about her work, how she finds balance, and her advice for leading a sustainable life. 

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Your music has taken you all over the world - what has been the biggest highlight of your career to date? 

It's hard to pick one! New Years in Brazil is always great and very special - this year will be my 4th New Years in a row playing for the same organiser. Also, Burning Man is amazing because of the setting and vibe.

More recently, you've been studying sound healing. Can you explain to us what that involves? 

I like to describe sound healing is a form of ‘effortless meditation’. People who find meditation difficult often find that the sounds help to relax them, but there's a lot more to it. Everything in the universe is vibration. When you put your body to an ultimate relaxed state you give it a chance to heal itself. Sound healing can be really efficient to treat stress, anxiety, depression etc. It can also improve sleeping patterns and focus.


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Your work involves long hours, long flights, and late nights - how do you stay calm amongst all the chaos? 

 It's challenging for sure. Saying no is a start: people will try to book you on flights which means sleeping 2 hours before heading to the next show in a different city or country. Also resting in between gigs is important. You can’t do all social activities before and after that people invite you to.



You've worked for a number of famous fashion brands. Tell us about how that came about and what it was like. 

It's fun when I'm asked to create a specific vibe based on the collection in question, but these types of preparations also take hours and hours of research depending on what they want. I’ve also produced music for ads and shows. It’s really fun and creative.



Which is your favourite Oramai piece and why? 

The Nomade Suit Jacket: it's so flattering and goes with so many different outfits. 

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What are your top tips on how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle? 

I don't like it when DJs preach about sustainability and then fly around the world every week (sometimes on private jets), but I guess every little bit helps. As someone said, "we don’t need 1000 people doing zero waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly". I guess shopping more mindfully is a start, to buy more sustainable pieces and support brands who focus on this. As a DJ, we can of course also tell organisers and promoters that we won’t play at events with single use plastic cups for example.


You can follow Malin @malin.linnea.c