The Inside Scoop... with Giulia Ascoli

The Inside Scoop... with Giulia Ascoli

In celebration of the launch of our 2021 Collection, we spoke to our very own Oramai Partner, Giulia, about the future of the brand and life as a working mum. 

Giulia and her daughter wear our adorable Pink Amalfi Matching Set.


As Partner of Oramai and our Head of Sales, what do you love most about working for the brand? 

Firstly, I truly love the brand and the philosophy behind it. Also, I am a great believer in the importance of the people that surround you in life and at Oramai we are very lucky with the people we work with, from our extraordinary employees to our wonderful wholesale partners and suppliers. Last but not least, my relationship with Isabella: our differences give me new knowledge and fresh energy every day, but sharing the same strong values makes it easy for us when it comes to making business decisions. 

How do you envision the future of Oramai? 

Bright of course! We have fabulous and exciting projects for the future. We're now increasing our team and opening a new office in Milan, which will allow us to expand our product offer and increase our wholesale distribution. We're also soon to launch our first retail store. Our 2022 calendar is already full of activities and events about sustainable and ethical fashion or related to things and people we like and believe in. 

You're also a mother - how do you balance work and family life? 

Good question! My children were born 13 months apart and they are both under three. Today, they are the meaning of my life but when I discovered I was pregnant with Domitilla, Leone was not even 5 months. At that time, I felt I had no choice but to be a mother and put my career on hold. It hasn’t always been easy, like many moms, I felt lost and lonely from time to time. I now realise how lucky I have been to have had a choice that other women are not offered and I am thankful for that. Now that I am back to work, every day I have to find my own balance and set my own priorities. I guess I do as every (superhero) mom does: I try to do my best and give as much as I can to both. I sometimes have this well-known feeling of not giving enough one way or another but my life is full of love for my children and husband and I love what I do. When I feel this way I repeat to myself that all the positive things in life come with a bit of a sacrifice, but it is totally worth it.  


How do you unwind when you're not working? 

In so many different ways! Most of my free time is with my children and husband but I can definitely combine my family with my favourite activities. What I love most is traveling and I can’t wait to being able to travel again…near, far, long or short stay as long as I discover new places, colours, new people, smells and flavours, and all the feelings that come with it. Being Italian, I also find cooking for other people a nice way to wind down; I cherish spending time with my closest friends and cooking for them gives me joy. I also have a teenagers’ passion for makeup, beauty creams, hair products etc…and I spend crazy amount of time in perfumeries.  

Which is your favourite Oramai piece and why?

There are a lot of pieces from the new collection that I adore and I can't wait to receive them all! However, so far I have been wearing the Long Amalfi Dress in White on so many different occasions. It is such a perfect piece to have in your summer closet! I bought it when I was pregnant with Leone and I can’t leave anywhere without it in my suitcase since.  

What are your top tips on how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle? 

My key word is respect; when I started thinking about how I could truly respect what surrounded me and the meaning of it, my way of valuing people, my environment, things I owned and the use I was making of it completely changed. My lifestyle automatically started turning into a more sustainable one from the products I consumed to my job. It didn’t necessarily start with big things but it has been and still is a constant engagement. 


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You can find Giulia @giuliaascolimuuls