Holistic Healing... with Emily

Holistic Healing... with Emily

Emily’s mission is to help others fulfil their own. An expert in holistic health and cleansing and coach of the Cleanse to Ascend method, we asked about her approach to healing from within and her advice for those starting their own healing journey.   

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What first sparked your interest in health-conscious living? 

Seven years ago I became infected with parasites (which I didn’t realise until this year), at the same time as having a big spiritual awakening... think Bridget Jones on a beach in Thailand! It pushed me onto the path of awakening to understand my body and to heal. I’m so grateful for these nudges from the universe and the parasites became my biggest teacher.... I even thanked them when I let them go this year. 


You often discuss the practice of meditation - what are its main benefits? 

I talk about meditation as one modality of healing, but really we need to adopt a more multidimensional approach to healing. Healing is about calming the mind, balancing the emotions, purifying the spirit and cleansing the body. Meditation is amazing for soothing our minds and regulating the body’s nervous system, but much of our thoughts come from what’s happening deeper within our body. I truly believe trying to meditate without doing other healing tools is like trying to swim with one leg! 



Your masterclass teaches people how to fulfil their mission; what's one piece of advice you always give? 

That the path to upgrade your life starts with cleansing the body. 


How would you describe your own everyday style? 

It's Boho Chic... is that a cliché? It's the Costa Rica feels! 



Which is your favourite Oramai piece and why? 

 The Amalfi Long Dress in Klein Blue; it's such a powerful and classic statement piece. 




What are your top tips for someone wanting to heal their body from within? 

To focus on multilayered healing. By this I mean to not only focus on food - it’s definitely important to physically cleanse the body with the intention of loving yourself to clear stagnation and nourish the gut to help the body raise its frequency, but at the same time you have to pay attention to the mental, emotional and spiritual things that arise. To heal from within is to know that healing is not one dimensional but layered. This is the focus of the Cleanse to Ascend Method, a program to heal the body and elevate one’s life onto a new level. It’s the process that led me to let go of my parasites, and have even bigger spiritual awakenings than I ever thought possible.  


 You can follow her journey on @instagram